high collection rates and easy recycling mean that all steel scrap collected is used to produce new steel

Recycled steel can be used for a multitude of applications and recycled steel is identical to all other steel. It is estimated that the recycled content rate of steel packaging in Europe is 58%, given current packaging production and scrap consumption and figures. This approach has been certified by CE Delft and validated by the European Commission.


Over 80% of steel packaging in Europe is recycled each year (85,5% in 2020).


600 million tonnes of steel a year globally and every can recycled saves 70% of the energy of producing new steel.

Recycling one tonne of scrap steel saves over 2 tonnes of raw materials and about 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

All steel, including steel for packaging, is made using ferrous scrap as a cooling agent.

Primary and secondary steel have identical properties.

Once melted down, steel is recycled into new steel, to be used for cars, trains, buildings, packaging or thousands of other applications.