A diversity of volumes from 50ml to 40l delivers a complete product range for every target group.

Thousands of non-food products are also packaged in steel, ranging from paint to shoe polish, waxes, aerosol sprays, finishes, and lighter fluids.

Steel aerosols contain more than 1,500 different kinds of products from food to lubricants and paints, as well as personal, medical and household items.

Based on the market segment here are some examples of final products:


Pet food, fish cans, vegetables and soups


Beer, soft drinks, juices

Aerosol cans

Personal care, household and industrial products

General line

Cans for paint, edible oil or syrups, decorative tins (promotional packaging), tins of confectionery and for dry products (milk powder/coffee) industrial products


Crown corks and twist off for glass bottles and jars


Toys and gas canisters, including specialty packaging and drums