ABOUT steel

Why Steel
for Packaging?

For a more circular economy. Helping brands and retailers achieve their sustainability objectives and offering consumers clarity and confidence in an environmentally positive choice.

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Story of a Brand

Contemporary design with universal appeal

Steel is the ideal packaging material for businesses looking to create maximum shelf impact and communicate their brand identity, so when Untitled Product Studio looked to create a unisex candle designed not just to be burnt, but as a minimalist decorative object, its little surprise steel was chosen to provide the unique and engaging experience required.

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Steel for Packaging

Steel is a unique packaging material, combining exceptional performance capabilities with unrivalled environmental credentials. Strong, formable, and long-lasting, steel offers numerous benefits for the safe packaging of a wide variety of products.

Made of steel

In motion

88 million tonnes of food are wasted each year in Europe. Making the right packaging choices is fundamental.

Creative Corner

Discover the latest trends in steel packaging design and innovative brand positioning.