Untitled Product Studio

Contemporary design with universal appeal

Steel is the ideal packaging material for businesses looking to create maximum shelf impact and communicate their brand identity, so when Untitled Product Studio looked to create a unisex candle designed not just to be burnt, but as a minimalist decorative object, its little surprise steel was chosen to provide the unique and engaging experience required.

Untitled Product Studio design and create short run, batched produced collections of homeware, fashion and lifestyle goods.

Its signature style is contemporary design with no conventional logo, obvious tone of voice and aimed at no set market or gender. The ubiquitous logo mark and ambiguous name are deliberate and intended to ensure the design is always centre stage.

Traditionally thought of as a feminine product, Untitled Product Studio aimed to make its first collection of candles appealing to all. Aware that, whilst a candles primary purpose is light or scent, it will spend most of its time as a decorative object, and several years can pass between use.

Collection 01, is a range of soy vegan wax candles in tin cans. The cans feature a ring pull lid and semi-matt finish to create a product with a contemporary style and universal appeal.

All the products in this range are crafted or finished by hand, allowing for responsible production with minimal waste. Steel packaging is conducive to this ethos, being the most recycled primary packaging in Europe.

Untitled Product Studio’s signature style is minimalist, and the cans come in a muted colour palette, carrying little more than a barcode. But for brands looking for space to clearly display logos and messaging, cans offer more printable surface area than alternative packaging solutions.