Europe has been recycling steel for a long time, so infrastructure is well established and highly efficient.

There’s a clear demand for steel scrap; it is needed for the manufacture of new steel, and so each of the 200+steel plants in Europe is already a recycling plant.

Choosing steel helps to keep recycling easy. Increased use and increased recycling rates of steel packaging reduce waste and save energy.


100% of all collected steel is used again to make new steel.


78,5% of steel packaging is recycled in Europe.


The industry has reached its aim (early) to achieve an average European recycling rate for steel packaging of 80% by 2020.

Model material
for a Circular Economy

You may know steel for packaging as the packaging material that best preserves and protects products. But did you know that steel is also the most recycled packaging material in Europe, and a model material for the circular economy?