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  • Food packaged in steel requires no refrigeration during transport and storage.
  • Steel offers unparallelled premium primary packaging solutions.
  • Steel packaging contributes to reducing food waste.
  • Food packaged in steel has equivalent vitamin content to freshly prepared.
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Reduced energy need

Food packaged in steel is energy efficient, from farm to fork.

  • Food packaged in steel can be transported and stored at ambient temperature
  • Energy consumption is reduced throughout the supply chain
  • Transport and storage costs are lower
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Premium primary packaging

Steel offers excellent supply chain advantages.

  • Steel packaging requires virtually no outer (secondary) packaging to protect it during transport
  • Food cans need only be shrink-wrapped and placed on a cardboard tray
  • Steel delivers high efficiency, allowing multi-layer stacking
  • Steel cans are able to resist high axial loads
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Reduced food waste and spoilage

Steel packaging contributes to reducing food waste and spoilage.

  • Portion-sized packaging means consumers choose the size they need and throw less food away
  • Food cans capture food in productive years and balance production with consumer demand
  • Cans retain product freshness, flavour and nutritional value longer than any other packaging
  • There is no spoilage and loss due to contamination by other products