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Uses & Benefits

Aerosols offer a wide range of products from mass-market goods such as cosmetic and household products, to specific aerosol types dedicated for industrial or medical purposes. This section describes the large variety of aerosols products.

There are many benefits of aerosol products:

  • Safety: Aerosol containers are hermetically sealed, their contents cannot leak.
  • Resource Efficiency: Aerosol containers are designed to deliver the right amount of product exactly
  • where it’s needed. Using an aerosol package reduces waste and post-consumer aerosol containers are recyclable.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Aerosol dispensers control the particle size, the spray pattern, the volume dispensed and the concentration of the spray for maximum effectiveness. The hermetically sealed package protects the product and extends its useful life.
  • Clean and Sanitary Use: Aerosol products can be applied without contact, while protecting users from germs and, in case of burns or lacerations, with a minimum of pain. In addition, the sealed package prevents any product contamination.
  • Special Products: Aerosol dispensers offer consumers the use of products - from shaving cream to asthma inhalers and other medical products - which would be unavailable otherwise.