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Nutrition in a Can

Find out more about how nutritious canned foods are with these foody facts.

You can also see how much canned food provides the recommended daily amount (RDA) of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.

Beans and vegetables

  • A small can or half a large can of baked beans provides 1/5 of the RDA for magnesium, iron and folic acid, 1/7 of the RDA for calcium, and over 1/3 of our recommended fibre intake. All for just 175 calories (good for protein and low in fat too). And they count as a portion of vegetables!
  • Half a can of tomatoes (200g) provides over 1/3 of the RDA for vitamin C, 1/7 of our recommended potassium intake and just 32 calories, as well as being an excellent source of health protecting antioxidant lycopene.
  • A portion of canned carrots provides nearly one half of the RDA for vitamin A (from beta carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A). Beta carotene also acts as an antioxidant.




  • An 80g serving of canned prunes provides 1/8 of the RDA for iron.
  • A typical 90g serving of canned raspberries provides 1/10 of the RDA for iron, canned strawberries and blackcurrants provide around ½ of the RDA for vitamin C. All berries also provide other antioxidants and phytochemicals.


  • A typical 100g serving of canned salmon (flesh and bones) provides 1/3 of the RDA for calcium, 1/5 of the RDA for magnesium and over 1/3 of our recommended selenium intake.
  • Canned oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, pilchards and sardines are a good source of heart healthy omega 3 fats and count towards the recommended one serving of oily fish a week.
  • You can find sustainable canned fish at the supermarket.


  • Canned rice pudding and custard are low fat sources of calcium. A typical 150g serving provides around 1/7 of our daily calcium needs.



    • Canned corned beef is a great provider of protein, iron and zinc. A 50g slice (enough for a sandwich) provides 1/12 of the RDA for iron, and 1/6 of the RDA for zinc.
    • Half a can (212g) of warming and comforting canned Irish stew provides 1/6 of the RDA for Iron and is only 182 calories. Serve with extra vegetables and crusty bread.
    • Two slices of ham (70g for a sandwich or salad) contains 11g protein, just 75 calories and 3g fat, and 1/5 of the RDA for vitamin B3 (niacin) plus a range of other essential vitamins and minerals.